Covid Information

Additional information about having acupuncture: Covid-19 security

Before your appointment

Your practitioner will need to check whether it is safe to treat you at the moment. They will ask you a few questions by telephone, email or video call, including:

  • do you have symptoms of Covid-19 infection
  • are you considered ‘clinically vulnerable’ or ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ and so at greater risk

If your practitioner decides it is not safe for you to come to the clinic they will explain why. As an alternative, they may offer to treat you by telephone or video call.

Before giving any treatment, your practitioner will ask you to read and sign a consent form. You must return your completed form before your appointment can go ahead.

One of the usual diagnostic procedures for acupuncture involves looking at your tongue. Due to the possible risks at this time your practitioner may ask you to take a picture of your tongue and send it to them before you go to the clinic.

Going to the clinic

Special arrangements are now in place to safeguard you when you go for acupuncture. Please follow whatever directions you are given, including:

  • travel light and take very little with you into the clinic – if possible, leave bags, coats, etc in the car
  • go to the clinic alone, unless you need a chaperone, parent or carer
  • try to arrive on time – not early or late
  • follow any advice displayed at the clinic
  • where possible, use contactless payment

During your treatment

Your practitioner will wear some form of personal protective equipment (PPE) when they treat you. They will also explain exactly what you need to do in the treatment room, including:

  • where and when to wash your hands
  • whether and when to wear a mask, either your own or one provided by the clinic
  • any other hygiene and safety procedures

After your appointment

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 within 48 hours of having acupuncture, please immediately inform:

  • NHS test and trace service
  • your acupuncturist