Well Being

Dear All,

Spring Blessings. I hope you are well and enjoying this sunshine. These challenging times continue, but the warmer weather has made it easier to be outside. I treasure being able to watch the new leaves unfurl on the trees, the Spring flowers coming intobloom and the bird song.

In Chinese medicine, the Spring is related to the Wood element, which corresponds with the Liver and Gall Bladder pathways. Wood is a vibrant energy that likes movement rather than restriction. It is a challenge to keep our energy moving during these times! Exercise, gardening, and walking help to move our Qi or energy. Also, by expressing ourselves creatively, we can find ways to keep a balance with this Springtime wood element.

Some clients may remember me needling a point on the foot in the between the big toe and the next one. This is a point on the Liver pathway, and helps to relax Qi. It’s auseful point to massage for headaches or frustration or PMS. This point helps to bring down the energy that rises to the head and move Qi so we can feel more at ease.

Or massage your feet with lavender lotion or soak them in a lavender footbath. To make a relaxing footbath, put lavender into a teapot and let this brew for 20 minutes, then add this to a basin of warm water. Or add a couple drops of lavender oil to warmwater. Soak your feet and enjoy!

Here are some podcasts and webinars for health and well-being. Some are free, so you can take up the challenge of trying something new.

Yoga with Adriene- yogawithadriene.com

Man Flow Yoga- manflowyoga.com/free

Breathing Free- breathingtree.co.uk

Rosey Grandage-info@apothecarycentre.org.uk is offering free stretching and Qi gong classes with optional donations to the Welsh Wildlife Fund

Charlotte Edsell-www.one-nature.com is a local teacher offering yoga and Qi gong.

Ann Marie Sivyer –www.amsivyer.co.uk is a local osteopath offering on line Pilates.

Here are some preventative recommendations to keep you well.

Nutritionally, take supplements of vitamin C (1000mg 2-3 times daily). If your stomach is sensitive, it can be taken after food. Other supplements to support immunity are vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. A good probiotic is also important, especially with those who have any digestive issues. Alternatively include yogurt or keffir in your diet. Nutrivital in Petersfield have a good stock of supplements and will offer you a 10% discount if you register an account with them at https://shop.nutrivital.co.uk/register and put in my practitioner code 44145.

I am offering online herbal consultations, and can send herbal tinctures or Chinese herbal powders by post. I have herbs that can help with a wide range of conditions, such as boosting immunity and helping well-being in areas such as sleep, anxiety and stress. If you are interested please email me on tamarakircher@icloud.com. Please pass my email on to anyone who may be interested in an herbal consultation.

I’m also offering on line sessions demonstratingacupressure on specific points for ailments, prescribing flower essences for emotional support, and talking through general recommendations for health and well-being for you or your family.

Here’s my latest herbal passion-


Nettle has many complex minerals that are easily digested and assimilated by the body. It’s a good blood tonic, so helpful for those prone to anaemia. It’s also helpful for the beginning signs of hay fever.

Nettle tea- make a cold decoction by soaking the young fresh tops overnight in boiled water to draw out the minerals, and you will have a fresh and delicate green tea in the morning. Use a carefully picked handful of nettle tops with 2 mugs of boiled water.

Nettle tops can be added to spinach or other greens, and steamed or cooked with onion and garlic. They can be added to soups too.

Safety Notes- In small doses nettle is fine to take as a food or tea. However, there are some precautions for those who are on lithium, warfarin, and medications for diabetesand high BP. Professional advice is suggested for taking nettle if pregnant.


As I mentioned, my daughter and I enjoy a nightly look at the skies. The next new moon is on April 23rd, and this is a good time to see meteor showers and shooting stars in the eastern horizon after midnight.Venus is bright evening star at sunset. Andin the morning you can see Mars in the south.

Keep well.

With love,


April 22nd, 2020

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