Back to Practice – Covid Advice

I am very happy to say that the British Acupuncture Council and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine have advised that I can start doing face-to-face consultations. This does come with a few different procedures.  Before treatments I will phone every patient and ask questions concerning COVID. These include: do you have a fever, do you have a new persistent cough, and have you been around anyone with COVID symptoms in the last 14 days.

I have conducted a thorough risk assessment in my clinic and have had to make a few changes to the way I do things, to limit the risk of infection, due to the current situation.

I am asking people to wait in their car and I will come and get you when I’m ready to see you. I am allowing time between each patient to ventilate and sterilise the room.  All surfaces including the couch, chairs, desk, door handles and anything else that is regularly touched will be cleaned.

I am asking that you wash or sanitise your hands on entry to the clinic and to consider wearing your own face mask. I will have hand washing facilities outside the clinic or a hand sanitizer available.

I will be wearing a white coat, and a facemask.  If needed I can even wear a face shield.

I will also continue to offer virtual appointments.  These can be used to conduct a thorough case history, and give advice on herbal remedies and self-help treatments that can be done from your own home.  This is what I will recommend if you have any of the above risk factors and is of real benefit.  However, if we both feel that a face-to-face consultation is the best option then I am now allowed to help.

I really look forward to welcoming you back to the clinic in the near future.

See you soon!

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